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Google : Terrifying UFO multiple in Dominican

However one user also suggested: “So corrugated zinc roofing is very common in the DR and when it’s relatively new, it is very shiny and reflective. Over time, it does oxidise to a reddish colour which is not as shiny. (I believe oxidation is good here because it creates a protective layer).

“This is why you may see a lot of flashes like this from satellite view of DR.”

This is not the first time a UFO object has been on .

Another scene takes place in Somerset, UK where a similar glowing object is sitting on top of a residential home.

The user who stumbled upon the scene replied: “Ohh that makes sense about the reflection there’s a conservatory there, I’ve never seen anything like it on before, thanks.”

Another scene was in Austria where a similar shape object can be on top of the house.

Colours of yellow and blue can be seen radiating from the top of the house which is why it sparked UFO concerns.

The user who posted the photo captioned it: “Found this UFO looking thing while scrolling around.”

However again like all of the other scenes , it appears just to be a bright light radiating from the top of the house.

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