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Google Maps: Users spot boy in painful position – what has happened?

Glitches are very common on Google Maps Street View.

The site creates the images by stitching together the 360 degree image sets submitted by users, meaning small errors can easily occur, causing these weird and wonderful scenes to go viral.

If an object is captured while moving, it creates duplicates of the scene.

Should this happen, Google can end up glitching, stitching various parts of the object or person together in a weird way, with some parts even missing.

However, the man’s head is completely missing from the shot, and you can only see a small part of his hair.

Posting the scene on Reddit, a user wrote: “U good mate?”

He is dressed in a navy t-shirt and is wearing navy bottoms with a red stripe down the side.

Part of his back also got caught in the glitch and you can see the clear water through his back.

Again, this appears to be a glitch captured by Google where the man was moving when the images were being taken.

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This allows users to post images online to share what they have found, causing many images to go viral.

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