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Google Maps: Viewers left terrified by man’s unnatural appearance – what is wrong with him

Google Maps has made a name for itself thanks to its ability to uncover weird and wonderful scenarios happening around the world. Users are increasingly scouring in the map in a bid to find the best incident and share it with their fellow map lovers on Reddit. One bizarre sighting left users shocked by a man’s terrifying incident.

The scene unfolds in Maryland, USA, in what appears to be a residential neighbourhood.

Bentalou Street is lined with red brick houses complete with porches and picket fences, not the type of surroundings you’d anticipate for something terrifying to take place.

The sun is shining overhead, and nothing seems to be out-of-the-ordinary.

However, it is the house at the end of the street, nestled next door to a convenience store that has caught peoples attention.

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Google Maps: A man’s terrifying appearance left users shocked – is there an explanation? (Image: Google Maps)

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Google Maps: A user noticed something odd about one man on Google Maps (Image: Google Maps)

If the viewer zooms in close enough to get a look at the house’s porch, they may be left gobsmacked.

There on the porch is stood a man, possibly the homeowner himself.

He is dressed in a striped t-shirt and a pair of beige shorts.

His hands are clasped in front of his stomach, apparently holding onto something.

However, it is his head, or rather, lack of head, that makes this scene disturbing.

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Indeed the man appears to be completely headless, the neck of his T-shirt hollow except for an ominous black hole.

Is this a real-life horror movie? Is this man a ghost or an illusion?

The viewer who spotted the scene posted it to Reddit with their own logical explanation.

When the StreetView camera is clicked along the street to the left, the house is still in view, tough the scene changes drastically.

Google Maps: His headless appearance is thought to be the result of a glitch (Image: Google Maps)

Instead of appearing to have no head, the man can be seen looking relatively normal.

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Suddenly his head is back.

The Reddit user suggests that this is down to a technological glitch, something that is not uncommon in Google Maps’ 3D world.

Google Maps StreetView works by taking multiple images of a scene and then stitching them together in post-production.

However, if objects or people caught on camera move while the images are being taken, it can have bizarre consequences.

Everything from alien animals to spooky ghosts have been spotted on the app, although most of them are the result of one of Google’s infamous glitches.

In Texas, a viewer was certain they had found the ghost of a young girl peeking out from behind a tree.

However, other users explained this was likely just an illusion created by the low resolution of the Google camera. 

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