Home Travel Google Maps: Woman caught in revealing position in London park

Google Maps: Woman caught in revealing position in London park

Google Maps: Woman caught in revealing position in London park 1

Since launching in 2007, Google Maps Street View has become a useful tool for millions of users looking to locate destinations from the comfort of their own device.

However, the tool isn’t used purely for geographical purposes, and has unleashed a world of mystery and oddities ranging from the weird to the wonderful and downright embarrassing.

Through Google Maps, one user discovered two women in a park in London – but what they were doing has amused Reddit users.

The image in question shows two women relaxing in St James’s Park.

One woman is seen laying down in a blue top and jeans with a phone in hand, while the other is seen in a striped top and revealing one particular clothing item.

The woman can be seen fiddling with her top and revealing her white bra as the woman laying next to her appears to be taking a photo of her.

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A third commented: “If the woman ever identified herself, she’d be mortified to see this all over the internet! How embarrassing.”

This duo weren’t the only ones caught in an interesting predicament on the streets of London.

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One bizarre sighting left Reddit users surprised as they saw an image captured by Google Street View of a man outside a pub in Ealing.

The scene unfolds in the west London neighbourhood, on a street filled with red brick buildings, with a pub situated opposite a tree-filled park as the sun shines overhead.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary – people can be seen seated outside the pub on a sunny day.

However, the man in question – who can be seen dressed in a green shirt, navy shorts with matching green socks – is in full view and showing off a particularly impressive move.

His hands are clasped firmly around a lamppost with his legs spread in the air as he precedes to do the splits right in front of the Google Street View camera.

The move was much to the amusement of another passerby, who could be seen in the image walking past the flexible stranger with what appears to be a slight smile on his face.

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