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Google Maps: Woman stuck in painful position – how did this happen?

For that reason, there could be a rational explanation for this scene even though there is no immediate answer.

What gives it away is that parts of her body are missing and her head is completely detached from her body.

Glitches are very common on Google Maps and they tend to go viral because they create funny sightings for users.

People are constantly moving, making it even harder for the Google camera to capture still images of people.

Another scene takes place on a mountain side, with beautiful views overlooking the sea.

Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary, until you zoom into the man’s face.

A Reddit user uploaded the photo with the caption: “Don’t want to be censored? Just remove a portion of your face.”

The man in the middle of the shot, seems to be missing part of his face.

It is also strange how the man’s face is only slightly blurred, while all the other people around him have their faces completely blurred due to Google’s privacy rules.

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This man has become stuck in a common Google glitch where he must have been moving when the camera was taking a photo.

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