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Gove squirms as he's forced to admit teachers are at risk of catching coronavirus

Michael Gove insisted teachers will be safe as restrictions will be put in place to mitigate the risk of catching coronavirus in schools including class sizes of up to 15 pupils. But the Cabinet minister stumbled when he couldn’t safe the key workers definitely wouldn’t catch COVID-19. Andrew Marr asked: “You can sit here and guarantee that no teacher is going to catch coronavirus as a result of going back to school?”

Mr Gove told the BBC show: “The only way to ever ensure that you never catch coronavirus is to stay at home.

“There is always in any loosening of these restrictions a risk of people catching the coronavirus.”

The host interjected: “It sounds like from what you’re saying you can’t really guarantee their safety.”

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Mr Gove continued: “The personal risk is that we can make these workplaces safe.

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“You can never eliminate risk but as we know, it is the case that it is extremely unlikely that any school is likely to be a source of a COVID outbreak and if for any reason there are risks, we can take steps to mitigate them.”

In the show, Mr Gove said there are “big lessons” to be learned from the treatment of care homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Gove said the Government had taken “significant steps” to improve the situation of those in care homes.

However, amid growing criticism that they had failed to provide adequate support to the sector, he acknowledged the situation remained a “challenge”.

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