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GTA 5 Online update: Time running out for big PS4 and Xbox money rewards

The next GTA 5 Online update is coming soon (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Grand Theft Auto will soon be updated with new bonuses and rewards from Rockstar Games. The weekly GTA Online update usually arrives on Thursdays, meaning there’s less than 24-hours to run through the current batch of promotions. These include being able to win a flying car from the Casino, which would normally set you back millions to buy.

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The Deluxo will remain the main prize on the Lucky Wheel until the weekly changes, meaning many gamers will only have one left.

The odds are against you but there is still a chance of grabbing the expensive piece of kit for free.

But there’s another GTA 5 Online money challenge worth almost $ 1 million that will be running very soon.

And unless you have put in the work this week, you may have missed out on the big in-game cash prize.

As revealed last week by Rockstar Games, you can earn a big cash bonus by completing in-game objectives in GTA Online.

Three Objectives are given to players each day and they can include all kinds of different tasks.

Completing all three each day will reward you with RP and around $ 30,000 in in-game cash.

And if you complete ten of them before the big April refresh, you will earn an extra $ 1 million for your account. So if you have already done a few, it will be worth trying to complete the final collection today, April 15.

This week has seen players playing Tennis Matches, requesting Ammo Drops, dancing in nightclubs and causing mayhem to try and earn the big cash bonus.

When you have completed ten objectives, your in-game account will be automatically updated.

After finishing these simple tasks and securing your big bonuses, it will be worth checking out the other rewards available.

These include:

  • Triple Rewards are available in Stockpile, Air Force Zero, and Top Fun.
  • All Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions are now paying double.
  • The Imponte Deluxo is the latest Lucky Wheel top prize.
  • Aerial-themed discounts, including: 60% off the P-996 Lazer, 50% off the Buzzard Attack Chopper, and 60% off Hangars, Hangar Modifications & Add-Ons.
  • Half off two select Legendary Motorsport vehicles: The Principe Deveste Eight and Benefactor Schlagen GT.
  • Ongoing Twitch Prime Benefits: 75% off on all styles of both the Arena ZR380 and MTL Cerberus.
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The P-996 Lazer is well worth a look as it’s currently discounted down to $ 2.6 million and usually costs around $ 6 million. These bonuses will be disappearing soon but the good news is that news ones will be taking their place.

These will be shared by Rockstar Games on April 16 and will no doubt include some notable rewards. For more information on rewards you can grab today, you can check out the latest news from Rockstar Games below:

More details on this week’s GTA Online update can be found below: “In Stockpile, the skies above Los Santos and Blaine County are scattered with contrails and alight with the glow of red-hot lead.

“Get Triple Rewards this week as you jump into the cockpit, retrieve loot and safely return it to your team’s base.

“There are other forms of aerial chaos to take part in, too. Choose the Versus option from the Jobs menu, then protect or attack the target in Air Force Zero to take home 3X GTA$ & RP.

“You’ll also earn Triple Rewards for hopping behind the sticks of a Lazer jet and attempting to gun down a team of runners in Top Fun.

“And high flyers looking to sell on the black market can earn twice the going rate by taking on any Smuggler’s Run Sell Mission through April 15.”

No word has been provided by Rockstar Games on when the next major GTA Online update will be released, but new content is expected to arrive in the coming months.


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