Home Entertainment GTA 6 COUNTDOWN: Proof Grand Theft Auto reveal IS coming tomorrow?

GTA 6 COUNTDOWN: Proof Grand Theft Auto reveal IS coming tomorrow?

GTA 6 reveal countdown – Proof new Grand Theft Auto IS getting announced on March 25? (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

GTA 6 countdown has begun, with Rockstar Games rumoured to be revealing the next Grand Theft Auto game tomorrow (Wednesday March 25). It has been over six and a half years since the last Grand Theft Auto game came out, and in that time then there has been no official word on GTA 6. But that is all expected to change this week, with the rumour mill sent into overdrive by claims GTA 6 is getting revealed this week.

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As per the rumours, Rockstar Games will reportedly make a GTA 6 announcement on Wednesday March 25.

The extent of this announcement is up for debate, with Grand Theft Auto fans thinking it could just be confirmation that GTA 6 is coming.

While others are anticipating the first-look at GTA 6, which is expected to only be for next-gen consoles and set in Vice City, in a reveal trailer.

And ahead of the rumoured GTA 6 reveal fans could have been given proof that that news on the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming.

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As revealed in a post on the GTA 6 subreddit, ahead of the rumoured Grand Theft Auto announcement something curious has been spotted.

Redditor bozidarilic has noticed that the GTAVI.com website, which is a domain registered by Rockstar parent company Take-Two, has been updated.

The GTA 6 website was updated on Monday March 23, just a few days ahead of the rumoured Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal on Wednesday March 25.

The activity has led fans to thinking that this could be a sign a GTA 6 reveal is on the horizon, and that it will happen very shortly.

Reddit user bozidarilic posted a screenshot showing the GTA 6 website had been updated at the start of the week.

Alongside the post from yesterday they said: “GTAVI.com does not redirect to Rockstar Games site anymore. Site updated today”.

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Grand Theft Auto fans are convinced GTA 6 release date news is coming this week (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Responding to the news one Redditor said: “Usually that happens when the website is ready to launch. See you in Vice City”.

Another posted: “Things are happening”.

One added: “I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe.”

And another wrote: “This is a very interesting development, hopefully it’s not just regular maintenance.”

It’s important to point out that a GTA 6 reveal had also been expected last Friday, and with all rumours it’s best to take them with a big pinch of salt.

However, there could be an explanation for the rumours about last week’s GTA 6 reveal.

These rumours were sparked after a member of the GTAForums started a thread titled ‘0320’ which caught the attention of GTA 6 fans.

The thread was started by member gonnaenodaethat who had previously posted curious messages online ahead of the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 PC.

It had led some fans to thinking a GTA 6 reveal was happening on Friday March 20 – i.e. 0320.

However, 0320 may not have referred to the 20th of March – it may have been referring to the third month of 2020.

Which, if that is the case, could back up the claims we’re about to see a GTA 6 reveal on Wednesday March 25.

The rumours of a GTA 6 reveal happening this week originated on notorious internet message board 4chan and were picked up by YouTuber MrBossFTW.

The anonymous 4chan post said: “March 25th. GTA VI.”

However, while 4chan has been the home of many fake leaks it has also been where genuine, legitimate leaks originated from.

Leaks about GTA Online content have appeared on 4chan in the past as has a leak about Pokemon Let’s Go for the Switch before it was announced.

Either way, fans don’t have long to find out for certain with the rumoured GTA 6 reveal date fast approaching.


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