Hair loss treatment: Popular health product could be your answer in increasing hair growth

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Hair loss can be an incredibly frustrating experience. What was once thick and flowing hair, is now a constant display of significantly thinner spots with some receding hair lines. To help combat this process and make one feel more confident, apple cider vinegar could be the answer.

Apple cider vinegar has never been so popular and is credited with all manner of health benefits said Medical News Today.

The site continued: “Apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss to stabilise blood sugar levels.


“Some advocates claim that apple cider vinegar deserves a place in everyone’s hair care routine thanks to its powers to relieve a variety of scalp conditions, including flaking, dandruff and psoriasis.

“Others have said it can boost hair growth.”

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Hair loss treatment: Popular health product could be your answer in increasing hair growth

Hair loss treatment: Vinegar to help increase hair growth (Image: Getty Images)

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is mostly apple juice but by adding yeast it turns the sugar in the juice into alcohol.

This process is known as fermentation.

Bacteria turns the alcohol into acidotic acid, and this is what gives vinegar its sour taste and strong smell.

Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a home remedy and is used to treat ailments such as sore throat, varicose veins and even hair growth.



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Everyone’s hair is naturally acidic from oils and sebum from the scalp.

Hair products often disrupt the pH balance of one’s hair halting hair growth.

When a person’s hair is normal and in the slightly acidic range, the cuticle is smooth.

When hair products are added, many of these are attached to one’s hair by opening the cuticle slightly to make the hair more alkaline.

However, by using apple cider vinegar, the normal acidity in a person’s hair is restored which creates less build up and promotes hair growth.

Hair loss treatment: Popular health product could be your answer in increasing hair growth

Hair loss treatment: Apple cider vinegar could help with hair growth (Image: Getty Images)

Dr Debra Jaliman said: “Apple cider vinegar will help keep your scalp healthy by warding off bacteria and keeping a balanced pH level.


“This will stimulate hair growth as apple cider vinegar gently exfoliates the scalp.

“This will in turn promote hair growth and healthier hair.

“Of course, any hair loss concerns you might have should be discussed with your doctor or dermatologist, but having a cheap, natural tool in your arsenal can’t hurt, as well.”

In a study with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, pH levels and how they affect hair was investigated.

The study noted: “Dermatologists most frequently prescribe shampoos for the treatment of hair shed and scalp disorders.

“Prescription of hair care products is often focused on improving scalp hair density, whereas the over-the-counter products focus on hair damage prevention.

“Alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fibre surface and, therefore, increase friction between the fibres.

“This may lead to cuticle damage and fibre breakage.


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