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Hair loss treatment: The essential oil proven to promote hair growth

Hair loss… did you see it coming? Or is the reflection staring back at you in the mirror showing you something you didn’t want to see? One essential oil has been shown to promote hair growth – which one?

Researchers from the Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii, collaborated with the department of food and nutrition at Chung-Ang University in Korea.

Together, they examined how one essential oil affected hair growth.

Investigating the human hair follicle, the research team slathered on geranium.

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In the three weeks, they found that geranium prompted more hair re-growth than five percent minoxidil in the mice.

Geranium essential oil

It’s derived from the leaves of the South African plant Pelargonium graveolens.

Popular in the use of aromatherapy, certified aromatherapist Caroline Schroeder spoke about the hair-boosting prosperities of geranium.

“Geranium essential oil can regulate dryness, excess oil, and the production of sebum,” she began.


“To improve hair growth, a healthy scalp is key,” Schroeder explained.

“Since geranium balances secretions around the hair follicles, it’s an effective agent for hair growth.”

How to use geranium essential oil

Add one drop of geranium essential oil to a dollop of shampoo, and massage into the scalp.

Continue to wash your hair as normal, and repeat the process several times per week.

Make sure that the leaves are completely covered in oil, then seal the jar.

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Leave the jar (with the oil-coated leaves) on a sunny windowsill for a week.

The next step is to strain the oil into a different glass jar, and add some new geranium leaves to the oil.

Repeat the process for another three weeks (five in total), when the remaining oil can be kept in a cool, dry place to be used within the year.


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