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Halloween Eats! Kristen Bell, Chrissy Teigen, More Share Favorite Candies

Us Weekly Staff

Halloween Eats! Kristen Bell, Chrissy Teigen, More Share Favorite Candies 1

Trick or treat — give Us something sweet to eat!

Us Weekly asked a whole host of stars, including Chrissy Teigen, Kristen Bell and Kerry Washington, to name their favorite Halloween candies, and the results were a bit surprising.

According to USA Today, 36 percent of Americans picked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as their No. 1 choice in 2019, but it’s wasn’t at the top of the list for many celebrities. Bell did, however, tell Us that she loves “anything with peanut butter” including the iconic candy.

The year prior, Skittles were officially crowned America’s favorite Halloween candy of 2018 by Candystore.com, yet no star said the fruit-flavored morsels were their go-to treat.

Candy corn, however, which tends to be a confection people either love or hate, was easily the most popular pick among the Hollywood heavyweights. With 9 billion kernels of candy corn sold annually, according to the National Confectioners Association — and Jelly Belly Candy Company now making seasonal flavors for other holidays — stars aren’t the only ones eating these sweets.

Ariel Winter told Us she thinks the multi-colored treat is “so delicious,” and even complained about not being able to get her hands on the sugary staple at her local supermarket during other times of the year. “They save it for Halloween,” she noted.

Another star that’s firmly on team candy corn? Emmy Rossum. The Shameless alum told Us that her affinity for the vibrant classic stems from the fact that it’s only available for a very specific window of time during the year. As she put it: “You only ever eat it on Halloween!”

Chocolate-centric candies are also a hit with the celeb set. While some preferred to hand out chocolate to trick-or-treaters, others just wanted to eat it.

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Bethenny Frankel, for example, told Us she thinks Dark Chocolate Snickers is the “best candy” and would hand them out to Halloween revelers if it were not for concerns about kids with peanut allergies.

For La La Anthony, there’s no discriminating when it comes to the chocolate-packed candies she’ll eat on Halloween. The former MTV VJ is a fan of Crunch Bars, Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, to name a few.

Mindy Kaling, on the other hand, revealed via Twitter in 2016 that she’s all about sour candies. She joked that if you are what you eat then she would “be made of sour patch kids.”

Scroll down to see more stars’ favorite Halloween candies!

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