Hand luggage: Expert reveals how to avoid extra cost with nifty fashion trick

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Hand luggage: Expert reveals how to avoid extra cost with nifty fashion trick 1

Hand luggage restrictions are common across many airlines these days, with operators imposing fees for customers who want to check luggage or take more than a set-out amount into the cabin with them. Luckily, as restrictions increase, so do tips and tricks among travellers to beat them.

“If you wear your bulkiest jumper and jacket combo, then you’ll create plenty of space in your luggage.”

He adds: “Consider wearing heavier shoes, like brogues, on the plane, and pack lighter items such as flip flops or socks in your hand luggage.

“This will help save space in your checked luggage and bring the overall weight down.”

Adam Ewart, CEO and Founder of Send My Bag also recommends being strategic with the items of clothing you choose to wear.

“Consider wearing heavier shoes such as trainers on the plane as well and pack lighter items such as flip flops in your hand luggage as they take up little space,” he suggests.

“You should also wear socks (maybe even two) and store the rest inside pairs of shoes to maximise the room available in your bag.

“When it comes to avoiding overpriced extra charges, adopting the same sneaky mindset airlines have can pay off – otherwise you risk getting caught out at check-in!”

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Of course, even this might not be enough for those who like to have plenty of outfit options for the trip.

In this instance, Myles has another suggestion.

“Carefully consider the colours of the clothing you’re taking with you,” he continues.

“You’ll want to choose options that are compatible with other colours, reducing the number of clothes you’ll need to bring along and reducing your luggage weight.”

One reason some air passengers get caught out by luggage limits is the sheer variation in rules from airline to airline.

“Unfortunately for travellers, not all airlines have the same luggage restrictions.

“Ryanair, for instance, only allows carry on luggage that is a tiny 40x20x25 cm, whereas, British Airways offers a more generous 56x45x25cm,” says Myles.

“These differences can be quite confusing and easily catch out any traveller that hasn’t done enough research in advance.”

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