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Hand luggage: Pack this household item to avoid excess baggage weight – would you try it?

Hand luggage restrictions are increasingly being enforced by airlines and can be a headache for many travellers trying to pack everything they need for a holiday. Though packing more than the guideline amount is an option, it is a costly one.

So, how can passengers fit all of the things they need in their bags without running the risk of a bag that’s too big or too heavy?

One frequent flier shared their top tip to Reddit which they say can free up a considerable amount of space in your bag.

The suggestion is to take a hand towel instead of a full-sized bath towel to dry yourself off with after showers.

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Towels, when rolled or folded, can end up taking a huge amount of space, and can also add a little extra weight that could be used for other things.

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They write: “I usually stay in places with towels and avoid hostels like the plague, but a microfibre towel is great for the beach and/or places where you can’t be sure there will be a towel.”

Of course, packing a towel isn’t always necessary, especially if you plan on staying in a hotel where towels are provided.

Adam Ewart, CEO of SendMyBag has another suggestion.

“Versatile, low-maintenance clothing is key to packing light,” suggests Adam.

“Take the multipurpose sarong for example: great for a hot day but can also be used as a changing room at the beach, a tablecloth for a picnic, a pillow when you’re weary or a scarf if you’re chilly.

Get inventive and never judge a book by its cover.”

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