Hand luggage: Save baggage space with this one unlikely packing trick reveals expert

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Hand luggage: Save baggage space with this one unlikely packing trick reveals expert 1

Hand luggage for flights can be a nightmare to pack when travelling with such budget airlines as Ryanair and easyJet. These carriers have very strict rules when it comes to carry on baggage allowance. With strict dimensions to adhere to it’s key to be a savvy packer.

Her number one example for this is ageing running trainers.

People often wonder before a trip: “Am I going to get a run in?” or “Maybe I’ll have time to go to the gym,” Brown expanded.

However, she points out: “We know that sneakers take up way too much room.”

By taking a tattered pair you are happy to ditch you can squeeze them in your carry on for your flight out.


Therefore, if you find “a really cool gift” and the like while away you can ditch the trainers and use that space for souvenirs instead.

The travel expert goes on to explain she’ll only ever bring three pairs of shoes.

She’ll pack a nice pair of shoes, her trainers and then the shoes she’ll travel in.

Your choice of suitcase will help with savvy packing, too. Brown recommends opting for a hard-sided case over a soft one.

“People don’t like hard-sided because it splits in the middle because they think all their things are going to spill out, so it’s really important to get a hard-side bag with compartments,” she said.

She also advises getting a hard case that expands for when you need to squeeze that little bit more in.

If you’re worried about the suitcase then not fitting in the overhead bin in the plane, once you’ve expanded the case and zipped the whole case shut you can then re-zip the expansion to make the case smaller again.

Brown also recommends using packing cubes, ‘I think you can pack more with cubes.”

She is a particular advocate of new with a clear top so you can see what’s inside. “I don’t stack things, I roll and lay them out,” the host added.

A benefit of packing cubes is that you can just slide them into the drawer of a hotel or cruise cabin so you’re eliminating a step when it comes to unpacking.

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