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Harry Enfield leaves wife of 23 years 'heartbroken' as he moves out of family home

Harry Enfield walked down the aisle with Lucy Lyster back in 1997 and they have three children. However, the comedian is now said to have moved out of the family home.

According to the Daily Mail, the 59-year-old’s wife has been left “heartbroken” by the move.

The comedian is now reportedly residing “elsewhere”, bringing their 23-year marriage to an end.

A friend of the couple told the publication: “It’s very sad, but Harry is living elsewhere.

“He’s being comforted by a female friend. Lucy’s heartbroken.”

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Lucy continued: “I fancied him from the outset and gradually I realised what a fantastically good and kind man he was.

“Harry and I have a lovely relationship. He is very generous with his words; very demonstrably loving. He tells me I’m beautiful — I never believe him, of course — and he’s very quick to say he loves me.”

The couple are parents to Archie, 23, Poppy, 21, and 17-year-old Nell.

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Prior to their romance, Harry dated producer Alison Owen, 59, former wife of actor Keith Allen, 66.

Source Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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