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Has Meghan Markle taken this key tip from Kate? How she has copied Duchess of Cambridge

Meghan Markle: She may have taken tips from Kate Middleton (Image: GETTY)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November 2017 and married six months later. After the wedding, Meghan became the sister-in-law of Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton. It is likely that Meghan has looked to Kate for tips on royal life and an expert revealed how she could have copied Kate since the day she got engaged.

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Meghan and Harry met through a mutual friend in 2016 and began dating quickly after.

When their engagement was announced, the royal couple appeared for a photo call outside Kensington Palace.

They then gave a sit down interview where many people heard them talk about their relationship for the first time.

The Duchess of Sussex turned heads in a fitted green dress and belted white coat.

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Meghan Markle: She look stylish for her engagement photo (Image: GETTY)

Meghan Markle: Kate Middleton is rumoured to wear hair extensions (Image: GETTY)

She showed off her natural beauty with minimal make-up and wore her long black hair down with a slight curl.

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However, it is likely the Duchess picked up some hair tips for the photo call from Kate, royal experts claimed.

Speaking on podcast ‘Royally Obsessed’, royal writers Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan said: “She’s so clearly has extensions in that photo, she has ten times the hair that we know her to have now.

“She looks insanely beautiful as always, but her hair is so full it’s like a hair commercial.”


They suggested Meghan may have done this to ensure she looked her best on pictures that are sure to crop up again and again.

They added: “In her defence, we still see images of Kate Middleton walking out announcing her engagement, so those pictures are going to follow her for the rest of her life.”

Royal fans will often comment on Kate’s full locks which could have inspired Meghan to style her hair using extensions.

Kate will often have her thick brown hair down and styled into a bouncy blow-dry.

Meghan Markle: The Duchess has shown off her stylish locks (Image: GETTY)

Since the Duchess of Cambridge became part of the family, some have speculated on whether or not she does wear hair extensions.

In 2014, some believed it was clear to see as she attended Christmas lunch with the Queen.

Kate styled her hair into a half-up half-down do which appeared to show her extensions.

The Independent reported “keen hair enthusiasts” would recognise the “slightly hollowed gaps in her hair” as the “tell-tale signs of an extension wearer”.

However, members of the Royal Family will often keep quiet on details of their lives and Kate has not opened up on her enviable locks.

Speaking in the Netflix documentary, The Royals, editor and founder of LibertyLondonGirl.com, Sasha Wilkins, commented on the rumours.

She said: “I think Kate’s hair has become her badge, it’s the thing she’s most recognisable for – this perfect, glossy incredibly bouncy hair.

“There are rumours that she might have hair extensions but I’ve never found anyone to confirm that.”


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