Home Tech Has OnePlus just revealed what’s coming next after OnePlus 8 launch?

Has OnePlus just revealed what’s coming next after OnePlus 8 launch?

Has OnePlus just revealed what’s coming next after OnePlus 8 launch? 1

OnePlus might’ve revealed what it will be working on after the launch of the OnePlus 8 in the next few months. Co-founder Carl Pei tweeted a hint earlier this week which has seen thousands of fans brimming with excitement.

OnePlus could be looking into power banks. Excited? No?

Well, how about if we told you it was a fast-charging power bank? Yes, the company – which is widely known for the fast-charging solutions on its smartphones and wireless headphones – could be looking into an external battery pack with the ability to top-up at supercharged speeds and, presumably, top-up your handset at a quicker rate too.

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If you’ve ever found yourself out and about with a dead smartphone, Kindle, pair of wireless earbuds, Nintendo Switch, or well, anything else, this is a hugely interesting proposition. As it stands, most battery packs will charge your smartphone at the slowest possible speeds. So, while they might be able to get you out of a bind, you will likely have to wander around town with a charging cable running from your jeans or handbag into another pocket with the battery pack.

Not a brilliant look.

“RT if you’d like a fast charging power bank,” tweeted Carl Pei. At the time of writing, 3.1K people have done exactly that, while a further 4.8K have liked the tweet.

OnePlus has increasingly diversified its portfolio in recent years. Last September, the company unveiled its first Smart TV with a number of unique features for OnePlus smartphone owners – like the ability to have the TV turn down the volume automatically when your phone starts ringing, for example. It has also released a number of popular backpacks, wireless headphones, wired headphones, charging cables and cases.

It’s also rumoured to be working on a smartwatch to take on the likes of the Galaxy Watch, Fitbit and Apple Watch.

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