Home Lifestyle Helena Bonham Carter net worth: How much money does the actress have?

Helena Bonham Carter net worth: How much money does the actress have?

Helena Bonham Carter net worth: How much money does the actress have?

Harry Potter actress has accumulated a huge net worth – what is it? (Image: GETTY IMAGES/)

HELENA BONHAM CARTER, 53, is a famous English actress who has played a plethora of much-lauded roles during her long and illustrious career. Her most recent role is that of Princes Margaret in series three of The Crown, out this month. Over a 36-year career span, the successful actress has amassed a great fortune – so how much does she have in the bank? This is her net worth.

Helena Bonham Carter has enjoyed a long career as an actress in the film and television industry. The BAFTA, Academy-Award and Emmy nominee and winner is known for her roles in both low-budget independent art films and large-scale blockbusters. She is well-known for appearing in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Sweeney Todd and Hamlet, but how much is her net worth?

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Helena also appeared in numbers of television series such as Miami Vice, Absolutely Fabulous, Henry Will, Merlin, Life’s Too Short, Codes of Conduct and many more.

Helena Bonham Carter was born on 26 May 1966 in Golders Green, London, UK.

In 2001, Helena was famously romantically linked to Hollywood directing legend, Tim Burton, 61, before they amicably split in 2014.

Helena and Tim have two children together, Billy Raymond Burton, 16, named after the couple’s fathers, and a daughter, Nell Burton, 11.

Helena Bonham Carter: Actress's net worth revealed

Helena appeared in numbers of films and television series (Image: GETTY IMAGES/)

Although Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter never married, they have had a long personal and professional relationship.

Tim Burton famously cast Helena in several of his films including; Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows.

However, after the separation, Helena revealed: “It might be easier to work together without being together any more. He always only cast me with great embarrassment.”

So, after starring in more than 60 different films and taking on a new role for each film or television programmes, how much is the superstar’s net worth?

It is estimated that Helena Bonham Carter’s net worth is a whopping $60million (£47 million), which she has accumulated through her hard work as an actress.

She has earned a massive amount of wealth with her successful career and it has been previously reported that she tops up her wealth by getting into the property industry as she has several properties in different locations worldwide.

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Helena lives in her own home in the UK, which is an interconnected home of three adjacent buildings with the one of the buildings previously being reported as being leased by the late Violet Bonham Carter, her grandmother.

Helena uses her fortune for good and is reported to be a very active member of charitable foundations. She supports several charity organisations including: Action Duchenne, Oxfam, Refugeto, UNICEF and Children of Peace.

Helena Bonham Carter: Actress's net worth revealed

Helena was famously romantically linked to Hollywood directing legend, Tim Burton (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Another Briton with a wealthy fortune is formula one driver, Lewis Hamilton.

This weekend, Lewis Hamilton, made history by taking his sixth F1 win, making him the most successful racing driver in the world. So what is his net worth?

Lewis began his F1 career in 2007, and at the time was the youngest driver ever to win. Twelve years later he has broken the record.

According to Forbes, Lewis Hamilton has a net worth of $55 million, or nearly £43m.

In 2018 he signed a contract with Mercedes that pays more than £30m a year, not including bonuses.

Helena Bonham Carter: Actress's net worth revealed

It is estimated that Helena Bonham Carter’s net worth is a whopping $60million (£47 million) (Image: GETTY IMAGES/)

This made him the best-paid racing driver in history. On top of this, he has a number of fashion endorsements, including Tommy Hilfiger and Police sunglasses.

On Forbes’ list he comes 49th on the Celebrity 100 2019 and 13th on The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2019.

He reportedly has made almost £8m in endorsements, according to Forbes.

The publication claims Lewis has sponsorships worth a £5.4m.

However, the Sunday Times Rich List 2019 estimates his worth to be £187m.

The 34-year-old single driver lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He, unsurprisingly, lives a rather lavish lifestyle.



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