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High blood pressure – the 85p fruit to protect against deadly hypertension

High blood pressure – which is also known as hypertension – puts extra stress on blood vessels and vital organs.

The condition could lead to some deadly complications, including strokes and heart attacks.

It’s crucial that your hypertension is diagnosed as soon as possible.

You could lower your chances of developing high blood pressure by adding more avocado to your diet.

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“Avocados are low in sodium salts and provide potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, all of which have beneficial effects on blood pressure control,” said nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer.

She wrote on her website, MyLowerBloodPressure.com: “Other avocado benefits come from their soluble fibre, their antioxidant carotenoids and polyphenols, including a substance called acetogenin which helps to reduce unwanted blood clots.

“It is not just avocado pulp that is a nutritional powerhouse for heart and circulatory health, however.

“Avocado leaf extracts and avocado seed extracts also have blood pressure lowering actions.”

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Meanwhile, you could also lower your risk of high blood pressure by regularly drinking guava juice.

It’s rich in vitamin C, which has been linked to a lower blood pressure.

Eating between half a kilo and a full kilo of guava each day could lower your blood pressure by as much as 7.5/8.5mmHg, scientists have claimed.

The fruit may also lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels by seven percent, while boosting ‘good’ cholesterol by almost five percent.

High blood pressure is often known as ‘the silent killer’, because symptoms only tend to reveal themselves if you have extremely high blood pressure.

The most common high blood pressure symptoms include a pounding in your chest, finding blood in your urine, and severe headaches.

It’s crucial that all adults over 40 years old check their blood pressure at least once every five years.

You can check your blood pressure by visiting your local doctors’ surgery or pharmacy.

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