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High blood pressure: Those with the condition told to be extra vigilant during coronavirus

High blood pressure: Those with the condition told to be extra vigilant during coronavirus 1

High blood pressure happens when a person’s pressure of blood in their arteries is consistently too high, which means their heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. Although arteries are resilient enough to cope with fluctuating blood pressure, consistently high blood pressure can cause them to lose their stretchiness and become stiff or narrow. Narrowing arteries eventually starve the heart of oxygen-rich blood, a primary cause of heart disease and now experts warn this condition also increases the risk of death from coronavirus but how?

A recent study published in Lancet studied 191 patients in China and found that 58, or 30 percent of those had hypertension.

But among the 54 who died from complications from coronavirus, 48 percent had hypertension, opposed to 23 percent in those who survived.

This comes as a top Chinese doctor stated that 170 patients who died in January in Wuhan, nearly half had hypertension.

The doctor also stated that he and other doctors have noticed hypertension is often prevalent in patients who have died from coronavirus.


Dr Christopher Longenecker, associate professor in Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine said: “I don’t think that there is a strong indication to immediately go out and get your blood pressure tested.

“However, as a preventive cardiologist, I think everybody should have their blood pressure checked. S

“So it is a general good principle for people to have their blood pressure checked on a regular basis, whether there’s COVID-19 or not.”

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Those with underlying conditions including heart disease and hypertension should consult their GP if they are worried about potential fatalities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, be sure to stock up on blood pressure medications and keep taking them as prescribed.

The health body stated that even most people with high blood pressure are going to be fine, but should take extra precautions.

Cardio Smart advised: “It’s important for patients with heart disease to follow CDC recommendations to prevent infection.

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