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Hiker Found 12 Days After She Went Missing in Zion National Park


Czarina Malleta


  • Missing woman was last seen Oct. 6 at the Zion National Park in Utah
  • A park visitor claimed they saw her within the park
  • The circumstances that led to her disappearance were not clear

A 38-year-old hiker was found alive 12 days after she went missing in Zion National Park, her family said Sunday.

California mom Holly Courtier was last seen Oct. 6 after she was dropped off by a private shuttle bus at the Utah park’s grotto parking area. The experienced hiker was supposed to be picked up the same day in the afternoon but was not to be found.  

After Courtier went missing, her 19-year-old daughter, Kailey Chambers, said during an interview with ABC-affiliated station KABC that her mother had recently purchased a van to fulfill her dream of visiting national parks across the country. Chambers added Courtier lost her job as a nanny because of the pandemic and saw the opportunity as a silver lining to be able to spend more time on the trails. 

“We’re hopeful she did have water with her, but it is getting down to the final few days of survival without food,” Chambers said in an emotional plea. “Don’t give up, please keep fighting. We’re looking for you, and we’re going to find you. Don’t give up on us.”

The park had also posted about Courtier on Twitter


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