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His Dark Materials: Viewers in tears as Lord Asriel's plan exposed in epic finale

His Dark Materials: Viewers in tears as Lord Asriel's plan exposed in epic finale 1

WARNING: This story contains major spoilers for the finale of His Dark Materials.

Lord Asriel (played by James McAvoy) was reunited with his daughter Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) at the end of episode seven of His Dark Materials, although he wasn’t too pleased to see her in the North where he had been studying the meaning of Dust. However, he was rather more interested in her friend Rodger Parslow (Ben Walker) who she’d brought along and in a devastating twist, the youngster became embroiled in the scholar’s dark plans. Viewers of the BBC drama were left in tears as the consequences of the aristocrat’s action meant a life was claimed.

As members of the Authority made their way to Asriel’s base in the North, he managed to escape with Rodger, leaving his daughter none-the-wiser to what was happening.

Arriving at the top of a mountain in view of the aurora, the scholar revealed he had his hands on a daemon cutting cage, similar to the ones children had been put in at Bolvangar to separate them from their spirits.

Lyra desperately tried to reach her friend before he was severed from Salcilia (Eloise Little), but she was seconds too late as her father brought down the guillotine between the two beings to open a portal between worlds.

Unwashed as a villain and having killed his daughter’s friends, viewers took to Twitter to voice their heartbreak at the devastating scenes.

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With the first season ending on a cliffhanger as the two youngsters made their way to the Cittàgazze, fans will be pleased to hear another instalment has already been ordered.

The adoption from the BBC and HBO will be given a second outing, as Lyra star Dafne told RadioTimes.com: “It’s satisfying knowing we have another series.

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“We’re quite sure it’s going to go well,” the young actress commented.

It is believed the cast finished filming on the second season easier this month and Miss Coulter star Ruth Wilson, 37, explaining there was a crossover.

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