'Hold on a minute!' Charlie Stayt shuts down Rebecca Long-Bailey in leadership clash

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'Hold on a minute!' Charlie Stayt shuts down Rebecca Long-Bailey in leadership clash 1

In the last instalment of the BBC Breakfast series following Labour leadership hopefuls, Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty spoke to MP Rebecca Long-Bailey about where Labour went wrong in the general election and what the UK would look like if she became Prime Minister.

It wasn’t long however before Long-Bailey and Stayt were embroiled in a heated clash over her bid to lead Labour and the 2019 general election.

Munchetty began: “You were very close and part of the planning of Labour’s strategy, how much blame do you take?”

Long-Bailey explained: “We’ve all got to take blame and I think I was very much against a second referendum and from the outset but when we realised that there was a lot of division in the communities.

“There was a big push for a people’s vote we thought that the best way to bring our communities together would be to have a vote on the final deal.

“But what happened in reality was that our position was confused both in the media and on the doorstep and many people didn’t understand what would happen next.

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She continued: “For example we talked about having a vote on the final deal and then the next question was ‘Well you’re going to vote for your own deal’ and the answer to that was ‘Well we’re not sure.’

“That was a bit of a disastrous position for us to be in because we lost faith and confused many of our electorate on that issue.”

Stayt interrupted: “So if we go back to what you first said, I think you said your pitch is someone with new ideas.

“The problem here is, as I understand it, tell me if I’m wrong, you had the right ideas before.”

Long-Bailey explained: “We did, we had some of the most transformative policies within our manifesto that we’ve had in a generation but the problem was we didn’t package them correctly and we didn’t have an overarching narrative.”

Stayt went on: “So hold on, what you’re saying is you’re the person with the new ideas but what you’re saying in the same breath is, ‘We had the right ideas before, we just didn’t tell people, we didn’t explain it well enough.’

“It can’t be both of those things,” Stayt snapped. “If you’re a leader with new ideas, you look at what you had and you say here’s what’s new.

“What you’re doing is saying, ‘Here I am, I’m a new person, I have new ideas but all the stuff we had before is right.’”

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Long-Bailey interrupted: “Not at all. I will tell you what was wrong with the manifesto, we had a lot of good policies but we didn’t explain them properly.”

Stayt went on: “So you’re saying the same thing again, you’re saying the policies were right and you’re saying you’re a new ideas person.”

Long-Bailey interrupted once again: “Well if you’ll let me answer the question you originally asked, what was wrong with the manifesto, there were great policies in there, we didn’t explain them properly, we didn’t have a message that spoke to our communities.

“And there were elements within the manifesto that we didn’t explain them accurately enough.”

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