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Holiday traffic light system: How does it work? Where can I go on holiday?

If you travel to a red country, you will still need to isolate for a fortnight.
Red countries would currently include the likes of Portugal, Sweden and the USA.

Portugal was rumoured to have been taken off the potential airbridge countries at the last minute, with the infection rate picking up suddenly.

In the last two weeks, it has developed one of the worst infection rates in Europe– 43.2 cases per 100,000 people– and areas of Lisbon are going back into lockdown conditions.

Sweden is much worse than Portugal, with a two-week rate of 111.7 cars per 100,000.

The country took a herd immunity approach to the virus and it has backfired.

The USA has placed a travel ban on 26 European countries plus the UK, and the USA is unlikely to be in the list of countries in the EU’s list.

Therefore it’s probable that the USA would be considered a red country.

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