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Holidays 2020: Britain’s favourite winter holiday destination revealed – have you visited?

Britain is a nation of travel lovers, with 88 percent of people taking a holiday in 2019. ABTA has revealed that UK residents are taking more holidays than ever, with the number of breaks lasting seven nights or more increasing to an average of 1.1 per person. While summer is long a favourite time for vacations, winter sun breaks are booming in popularity.

While it seems British travellers are keen to explore, there are some destinations which are consistent favourites, with one hotspot taking the crown.

According to ABTA Members, the Canary Islands remain the top destination for British tourists looking for sunnier weather, with Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria seeing strong bookings.

The experts point to the favourable weather for this popularity.

At this time of year, temperatures in the region are often more than three times the average temperature at home, usually peaking between 17 to 20°C.

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Destinations with slightly cooler winter temperatures were also highlighted in the report.

Morocco, Cyprus and the Algarve, while not scorching, still offer comfortable heat and golden sunshine.

The report found that 44 percent of people have taken, or are thinking about taking, a winter holiday this season.

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“A holiday with some sunshine is a great way to beat the winter blues, and now is a great time to explore your options and book a winter getaway,” said Victoria Bacon, ABTA’S Director of Brand and Business Development.

“Whether that’s visiting a popular destination, going on a cruise or trying something adventurous – holidaymakers will find there are great value last minute breaks available.”

Package holidays continue to lead the way in the UK holidaymakers, with package offerings making up half of the vacations taken each year since 2014.

This is largely thanks to affordable prices, with more than half of British travellers saying they have booked a package because of the value for money.

Although a quarter of Britons are sun-seekers, many are turning to city breaks.

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