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Holidays 2020: Expert reveals the best way to book your post-coronavirus holiday

Many Britons will be desperate to start booking a holiday after months of being cooped up under strict lockdown.

So what is the best way to go about getting a trip in the diary?

Express.co.uk exclusively spoke to Hugh Graham-Watson, Managing Director of The Hotel Guru, for his travel advice.

Many people, as ever, will be looking to get good deals, especially with many Britons’ finances feeling the constraints of the virus fallout.

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Consequently, Graham-Watson urges holiday hopefuls to get started as soon as possible.

“To get the best deals consumers need to book now to avoid the spike in holiday prices,” the travel expert told Express.co.uk.

However, make sure you’re careful when it comes to locking yourself in.

You don’t want to end up out of pocket if the holiday cannot go ahead.


“Make sure that any cancellations terms are flexible,” advised Graham-Watson.

“Most hotels are offering free cancellation even for peak dates.”

A number of European countries are starting to open up to tourists.

Some people might be tempted to head back to their favourite continental haunts.

Heading off on holiday by car is the safest option for now.

“On current indications, we will be living with coronavirus for some time so going on holiday comes down to your appetite for risk,” Graham-Watson explained.

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“Travel by car for the lowest risk, by train to save the environment and by plane if sun and sea are top priorities.

“If that is the case, look at Greece for a holiday, which has a very low incident rate of coronavirus and where they are reliant on tourists.”


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