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Holidays 2020: Minister reveals major hint for summer travel in early July  

Holding the daily conference alone on Wednesday, Dowden appeared to hint that UK travel could be back from early July.

In the briefing, the Culture Secretary explained that the next major step on the government’s “roadmap” to recovery would be unveiled on July 4.

He then said he hoped they would be able to “stick” to that plan and see tourism in action once more.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to fly off abroad, Dowden only referenced British travel in his briefing.

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“I confirm what the Prime Minister said at this press conference a month ago – we set out a roadmap,” he said.

“And you saw the latest stage on delivering that roadmap at the beginning of this week with the opening of non-essential retail.

“The next stage in this roadmap is July 4.

“I very much hope that we will be able to stick to that roadmap and we will see tourism return to the UK.”


Dowden spoke passionately about his own love of travel.

“I’m a huge fan of British holidays I’ve holidayed from everywhere from the Lake District to Northumbria to Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Norfolk – all these wonderful places,” he said.

“I want to be out there making the case for people to do that but of course we can only do so when it is safe to do so – so we will publish the guidance in due course.

“We’ve made a lot of progress with it but the key thing is ensuring it’s safe to do so.”

Dowden was also quizzed on the current UK travel quarantine and the proposed air bridges.

An air bridge, also referred to as an air corridor, is a bilateral travel agreement between the UK and another country.

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This means people would not need to quarantine when they arrive in the other country, or when they return home.

“It’s worth remembering how this situation has arisen,” explained the minister.

“So as we’ve got the cases of coronavirus under control… we want to ensure that we don’t import cases from other countries, thereby causing the numbers to rise so we put in place this quarantine regime.

“Now that we’ve got that in place, we are looking at, for example, corridors, whereby, particularly in countries that have low infection rates, we could allow travel between the United Kingdom and those countries.

“I know that the transport secretary is working intensively on this alongside the Prime Minister and others, and I’m hopeful that we will be able to make some progress on that but as always will be driven by the public health in doing so.” 


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