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Holidays 2020: The UK’s favourite destination revealed – will you visit this hotspot?

Holidays are a massive part of the year for many Britons, with the latest ABTA Travel Trends report revealing that 88 percent of the nation jetted off in 2018 alone. While Britons are growing more adventurous in their holiday decisions, opting for more long-haul travel than ever before, there is one much-loved destination that takes the crown as Britain’s favourite destination.

According to the latest data from trivago, travellers from the UK headed for the shores of Amsterdam more than anywhere else in 2019.

Utilising booking data from the accommodation search platform, experts were able to determine that British holidaymakers were continually opting to explore the Dutch city.

Situated just 257 miles from the UK, Amsterdam is accessible from the UK by plane, train and ferry.

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The average flight time from London’s Heathrow airport is just one hour and 20 minutes.

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Holidays 2020: Data reveals the destinations most loved by Brtions (Image: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Eurostar recently announced a new route from London’s St Pancras straight to the centre of the canal city. The train is anticipated to take just over four hours.

Finally, seafarers can hop aboard a ferry from Newcastle and sail to Amsterdam in style.

Rich in history and culture, Amsterdam has become a year-round hotspot for British tourists, even in spite of a clampdown on unruly behaviour and cannabis tourism from the Netherlands government.

From tulip fields to the original hiding place of Anne Frank, there is something for all kinds of explorers to enjoy.

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It was Dublin, situated in the Republic of Ireland, that came in third place thanks to its fast flight time and ease of access.

Other short-haul destinations included in the list were Benidorm, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin and Albuferia.

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Meanwhile, long-haul locations Dubai and New York have also seen a boom in British tourism in recent years.

Last year’s booking data also showed changing patterns in consumer behaviour.

One revelation is that British holidaymakers took longer stays in 2019.

Last year, the average length of an accommodation booking made by British consumers went up by 14.6 percent, compared to 2018.

Last year, the average cost per booking rose from £278 to £323. However, this can be explained through the increased length of stays.

In fact, 2019 saw the average cost per day of a booking increase of £1.55 from £129.58 to £131.13, representing a 1.19 percent rise.

Since inflation was 1.8 percent in 2019, this means that the price of a day of accommodation has dropped in real terms.

However, it wasn’t just international destinations that received a nod.

The data also analysed staycations, said to be on the rise in the coming year.

According to ABTA, 56 percent of Britons are planning a domestic break in 2020.

Britain’s most-loved domestic holiday destination was the capital city, with more UK travellers heading to London than any other city.

It was followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff and Blackpool.

James Carter, Head of Hotel Search, trivago said: “Our research shows that the accommodation sector is rapidly evolving year-on-year. 2019 saw the cost per day of a booking drop in real terms which could point, among other things, towards greater competition in the sector.

“Along with this, we’re seeing travellers book their accommodation earlier, which suggests a trend towards a more discerning consumer who prefers to plan their trips further in advance.”


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