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Holidays: Cheapest holiday destinations without quarantine revealed in new top 10

The best average price for a trip to the Norwegian capital of Oslo comes to £98.14 for an individual.

This includes return flights as well as a day’s meals and attractions.

The second best value country was the Netherlands.

An Amsterdam break can be bagged for as little £104.14, according to Club Med’s research.

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In third place was Spain, with Barcelona for £104.81 along with flights, meals and attractions.

Next on the list was Denmark with UK tourists able to enjoy Copenhagen from £105.69.

Taking fifth place was the Czech Republic and a trip to Prague for £109.60.

Malta followed with Valletta for £110.16, while Germany and Berlin are available from £111.46.

The most expensive getaway in Europe was France with Paris available for £186.53.

Following were Finland and Helsinki from £175.53, Iceland and Reykjavik £170.20, Croatia and Dubrovnik costing £167.91 and a trip to Belgium’s capital, Brussels from £145.61.

Nathalie Drew, Marketing Director for Northern Europe at Club Med, said: “After people have spent so long in lockdown it’s understandable that they will want to make the most of their trips when they get the freedom to travel again. These results give future travellers an idea of where the best options are.”

Top 10 best-value European cities

1. Oslo, Norway

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

6. Vallette, Malta

7. Berlin, Germany

8. Vienna, Austria

9. Rome, Italy

10. Krakow, Poland


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