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Holidays: France ban has led to hotel in the – here's why

is the latest to be added to the UK’s quarantine list along with the Netherlands and Malta. The devastating news was revealed last week after the government reviewed the UK’s corridor list. The countries joined the likes of Spain, who was axed back in July, and Portugal who has remained absent from the list.


But despite some British holidaymakers scrambling to return to the UK from , one luxury club has reported

Little Emperors is a private members luxury club that offers members affordable luxury and value for money.

Founded by Rebecca Masri in 2009, Little Emperors has garnered an impressive 35,000 members.

The luxury club offers its members unparalleled exclusivity, unlocking a world grandeur s which include the likes of The Connaught, the Four Seasons on Park Lane and The May Fair, all in London.

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Holidays: ban has led to in the – here’s why (Image: GETTY)

: is the latest to be added to the UK’s quarantine list (stock) (Image: GETTY)

Masri spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about some of the trends that have emerged since the coronavirus pandemic and how her luxury business has been impacted by the UK government’s latest quarantine decision.

Masri explained that Little Emperors has noticed a pattern emerging among their members who are returning to s they have visited before.

“A lot of people are going back to where they’ve been before because they know the area, they might speak the language, it’s drivable,” she explained.

She added: “We’ve had a huge demand in this summer.

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“It’s been our biggest where we’ve seen .

“It’s a familiar favourite – people are going back to what they know because they feel safe.”

Little Emperors, like many companies, experienced a large number of cancellations following the government’s decision on August 15 to remove from the corridor list.

But Masri did add that they had “actually made a couple of in ”.

Holidays: “A good 20 percent of our members are French, so it won’t impact them” (Image: GETTY)

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“We’ve got quite a large membership base of French people who are already in ”, she explained. 

“A good 20 percent of our members are French, so it won’t impact them.

“In fact, they probably prefer it.”

Masri explained that for French people, the experience of a summer holiday in the south of is probably a lot more appealing now that there are fewer tourists.

Global tourism 2020 (Image: EXPRESS)

She added: “It’s really interesting because there are summer hotspots like Saint-Tropez and Monaco that are usually really tourist-y where the prices have been driven up by incoming tourists – but this summer it has seen much more domestic tourists.”

She continued: “I think it’s interesting for the French people to actually go to the south and enjoy the summer holiday destinations they went to as kids. I think it is more appealing for people.”

Little Emperors prides itself on full transparency with no add-ons assuring the lowest rates available to members.

“If you do find a lower rate somewhere else we’ll match it,” Masri added.

Masri explained: “As a business proposition we’re adding value whether that’s through negotiated corporate rates or through the leisure business which is often of added value like complimentary breakfasts, upgrades, credit – that’s the value we’re adding to our clients.”

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