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Holidays: How to choose the right travel insurance – dos and don’ts of buying cover

How do you choose the right travel insurance?

When picking the right policy for you, you’ll need to shop around first.

“Utilise a travel insurance comparison site like Uswitch to easily compare different policies options available for your trip,” recommended Kelvin.

“Although it may be tempting to choose the cheapest provider, make sure you do your research.

“Read reviews of the insurance provider to get an understanding of what existing customers have experienced when purchasing and most importantly, making a claim on the policy.”


What will I need to do when choosing travel insurance?

“When searching for a policy, you’ll be asked a set of specific questions in order to obtain a quote, from the age of each traveller to where you’re travelling to,” explained Kelvin.

“Each factor alters the cost, with older travellers and those with pre-existing health conditions paying a heftier price.”

The expert continued: “When choosing a policy, be aware that the cost of these policies, being what is called the ‘premium’ you pay in exchange for coverage, varies hugely.

“Firstly, you’ll be asked to choose between single trip or annual cover, which is fairly self-explanatory, but if you’re a regular traveller, you might save more money with an annual policy.”

Will my credit card cover me?

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Travellers are warned any free holiday insurance offered by a card might not be enough.

“Some premium credit cards provide complimentary travel insurance as a benefit of the card, but often only items purchased on the card are covered by the policy,” Kelvin explained.

“So, if you’re using a card without travel protection or a card that only offers limited travel protection, you may want to purchase travel insurance.

“Just because a card offers travel protection doesn’t mean you will be covered.”

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