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Holidays: Over a third of Britons don’t pack this one thing – but it could cost them

Jetting off on holiday is a peak of the year for many Britons, with the latest figures from ABTA showing that 88 percent of people took a holiday in 2019. Whether at home or abroad, it seems the UK is a nation of holidaymakers.

When it comes to beach holidays alone, Britons are reported to fork out around £3,216 each year yet they risk losing it all by not taking one item on holiday.

A study by insurance experts from Co-op found that 37 percent of British travellers go on holiday without buying any kind of travel insurance at all.

When asked why, a quarter of those who didn’t purchase it said they simply “didn’t see the point.”

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However, travel insurance could be the key to saving you thousands.

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Not only does it over for hotel and flight cancellations or disruptions, but it also provides medical cover, repatriation due to unexpected occurrences and even looks out for your luggage.

In fact, the experts found that while 28 percent of UK adults say they always have travel insurance, they still may not be as protected as they think.

While 35 percent of holidaymakers say they book their holiday way in advance to save money, they run the risk of losing it all by not purchasing travel insurance at the same time.

“With so many people expected to book holidays this month, it’s really important that people also put travel insurance in place,” explained Charles Offord, Head of Insurance at Co-op.

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“Whilst booking in advance can be cheaper, failing to take out adequate insurance could mean losing your money altogether.”

Although most travellers are aware of the benefits of insurance should they run into trouble while abroad, they often don’t think of the protection it offers in the lead up to departure day.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis points out that travel insurance is there to fall back on if the unexpected happens.

“Sadly too often I hear stories like ‘I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, I was due to go on holiday in six weeks, but now need chemo,” he said when appearing on Good Morning Britain.

“‘The airline won’t refund my ticket, what can I do?’ The unfortunate answer is not a lot.

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“You’re only covered for cancellation if you have insurance BEFORE an illness/injury, job loss, jury service call-up etc.”

He promotes the idea of “ASAB” or “as soon as you’ve booked.”

This is the best time to purchase insurance if you want to make the most of the package and ensure you cover all possible outcomes.


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