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Holly and Phil’s This Morning boss talks ‘changing everything’ in backstage ‘challenge'

Martin said joining the show was “almost like discovering the lost horizons” as he reflected on the running of their old studio.

He said: “It was a challenge because when I came to This Morning almost five years ago, it was broadcasting from an annex on the Southbank, it had its own studio.

“Everything had to come up in a lift, which was about six feet, it was a box… the scenery, the cameras, guests, everything had to come up in the lift.”(sic)

He added: “There was an autocue producer who was sitting on a garden table like from B&Q, the gallery itself looked like it was from an old caravan, the monitors, they could’ve been black and white, they were about six inches wide each.

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“The PA would run the timings off a notepad, there was no computer generated running programme as such, it wasn’t in widescreen and it wasn’t in HD.”

Martin went on to say he changed “pretty much everything” when he took over, including the backdrop which he said was “blocked up”.

The This Morning boss opted for a live backdrop of the River Thames, which was often seen behind the presenters.

Explaining his reasons behind the change, he added: “I just said, ‘Why don’t we just not pretend we’re from different place? Let’s just open it all up’.

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He added on the Masters Media podcast: “It is 27 plasma screens now yeah – I’ve had maybe two or three people complain and if you look at the show on air at the moment, we’re talking during the covid-19 crisis, we filmed four different versions of our back drop all through different seasons.

“We’ve got the summer one running at the moment and have done since the end of March, which was not great weather at that point.

“We decided to run the summer one just to lighten people’s mood and the summer one will stay there now until we get through this.”

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