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Home Office boss QUITS: Civil servant in tears after walk out from Priti Patel department

Sir Philip Rutnam said he would take the Government to court after making allegations that Home Secretary Priti Patel had been “shouting a screaming” at Home Office personnel. The most senior civil servant at the Home Office Sir Philip Rutnam has levelled bullying claims at Priti Patel. According to the BBC, Sir Philip, the permanent secretary at the Home Office, intends to sue the government.

In a statement given to BBC News, Sir Philip said: “In the last 10 days, I have been the target of a vicious and orchestrated briefing campaign.”

He said allegations he had briefed the media against the Home Secretary was one of many “completely false” claims against him.

“The Home Secretary categorically denied any involvement in this campaign to the Cabinet Office.”

He added: “I regret I do not believe her. She has not made the efforts I would expect to dissociate herself from the comments.”

These claims have been vehemently rejected by Priti Patel.

But, Sir Philip added: “Even despite this campaign I was willing to effect a reconciliation with the Home Secretary.

“But despite my efforts to engage with her, Priti Patel has made no effort to engage with me to discuss this.

“I believe these events give me very strong grounds to claim constructive, unfair dismissal and I will be pursuing that claim in the courts.”

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Sir Philip, who has worked the government for 33 years, took the unusual step of making a statement outside his home alleging Miss Patel was behind the campaign to oust him.

He added while his experience was “extreme”, it was part of a “wider pattern” in government.

The Home Office directed calls for a request for comment to the Cabinet Office, responsible for the administrative functions of the government.

The Cabinet Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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