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Homeowner chilled to the bone after dog camera captures voice ‘whispering’

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A homeowner has shared an eerie recording of what they believe shows a mysterious voice talking in their home.

Reddit user “Scoot1210” had set up a home security camera in the bedroom to monitor their dog but the footage instead appeared to pick up a deep voice speaking.

The user was left baffled and turned to the forum for help.

In the post, they explained: “I had just gotten home, ‘Alexa’ said her ‘welcome home’ speech, and at about the two seconds mark (after Alexa’s speech and before I start talking to my dog) there is a deep whisper … if you can hear it, what do you think it says?”

A homeowner was left baffled when a low whisper picked up on the home security camera

While the camera doesn’t pick up any paranormal activity, there is a low “ghostly” sound halfway through the short video.

“Scoot1210” explained that the camera was set up to see how their puppy got out of her area while no one was at home.

“After catching a strange image on it, I decided to keep it in there and see if anything else came up… then I got this,” the user added.

“I know it wasn’t a voice or sound that I’d ever heard in my home before, but I couldn’t tell what it was saying.”

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The clip has divided views and people commented in the post of what they heard.

One said: “Sounded to me like ‘help me’ … but maybe my brain added the ‘me’ from the ambient noise. But definitely help was in there. Yikes.”

Another wrote: “Sounds like ‘no’. A man’s voice quietly saying ‘no’.”

A third penned: “Thought it said ‘help’ at first, but after listening to it some more it sounds like one of the three following words: ‘lone’, ‘alone’ or ‘home’.

“Still could use some enhancement to make it clear, but I would call this a Class A EVP.”

Source:Daily Star – Weird News

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