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How Meghan Markle's body language indicates 'guru' role rather than wife of prince

Meghan is appearing alongside former US First Lady Michelle Obama and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is the first solo speech she has made since officially leaving the Royal Family as a senior royal.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk Meghan may have looked initially shy, but this was soon a thing of a past in the passionate speech.

Judi said: “As she paused to begin her speech with her arms straight to her sides and her face framed by curtains of almost waist-length hair, Meghan’s non-verbal signals could have hinted at a desire to hide, although the moment she began to speak with enjoyment, confidence and eloquence it was clear that was far from the truth.

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“Her verbal messaging style is positive and often quite gentle in tone, offering support and encouragement to her audience, but her hand gestures now define her more in the role of guru than wife of a prince.

“Her index finger was raised several times as a baton to create emphasis for her core messages, while her erect thumbs during her cupping and clasping gestures suggested a passion for her subject.”

In fact, Meghan used a few gestures that indicated strength and authority in this first solo appearance since leaving the Royal Family.

Judi said: “Meghan’s eyebrows were used more than they normally are for emphasis, with a one-steepled look that suggested more authority and she used the slow blink gesture that inspirational speakers often employ to get their points across with a look of wisdom.

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“She also incorporated the finger pinch used as a baton, which is a gesture of precision that is also popular with inspirational speakers and politicians. Her signature hair-touch gesture appeared twice but the second time the hand balled into an emphatic fist once it was lowered, suggesting the hair touch wasn’t to be seen as a sign of self-comfort or anxiety.

“The key line ‘Chase your convictions with actions’ was the one that seemed to come from the heart and she used a straight and meaningful-looking straight gaze to camera as she delivered it, coupled with some small but dramatic pauses.

“She also followed up with a praying hand clasp that was used to show empathy and a caring approach to her audience. The blend of signals of wisdom, inspiration and then warmth and support for her audience should have been ideal for her young fans around the world.”

Meghan Markle’s hair looked drastically different for the appearance.

The Duchess and mother-of-one has clearly refreshed her hair extensions ahead of the videoed speech.

The Duchess looked healthy and fresh faced.

She wore a blue dress and dark eye-make up with a nude lip in the video.

Meghan was also wearing her Cartier “Love” 18ct yellow-gold bracelet, which costs a huge £5,600.

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