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How Stargirl’s Big Bad Was Influenced By A Major Marvel Villain, According To The Actor

He wants to create that Norman Rockwell ideal of America that has communities and apple pie, and all of those things that we talk about. So, it’s not a bad idea, it’s just that he’s willing to sacrifice other people, as collateral damage. One of the things that me and Geoff talked about, as a touchstone for this, was Thanos from the Marvel series and Avengers. He’s a guy who firmly believed that all life on Earth is doomed because of overpopulation, and that if you could indiscriminately eradicate 50% of the population of all life, then the rest of the life will thrive far better, as a result of that moment. That’s an incredibly hard decision, but he knows and believes in his heart that this one ‘evil’ is ultimately for the greater good. In many ways, that’s what Jordan believes, as well. He’s a very easy character for me to relate to, and I really hope that audiences end up becoming conflicted because they end up emphasizing and understanding who he is, and therefore, in part, are rooting for him to succeed.

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