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How Texas Entrepreneur Enzo Weinberg Becomes a Beacon of Light in a World Filled with Darkness

    DALLAS, TX, June 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Texas Entrepreneur & Independent Artist Enzo Weinberg has been privileged to be a very successful businessman over the past few decades. Choosing a career in the entertainment industry Weinberg has experienced doors being closed in his face just as fast as they were being opened. However, being raised in the streets taught Weinberg to be more determined to master how to overcome challenges in life.

For the past few years Weinberg decided to use his God given talent of his voice to uplift the community. Being a talented artist for decades, it was a natural inclination for the Texas native to return to the recording studio where he feels most comfortable when coming up with new innovative ideas of how to best shine his light in a world that is plagued with so much darkness.

Not being a stranger to oppressing situations, Weinberg prides himself on being an expert to being part of the solution when we live in a world where society spends it’s time on highlighting the problems with community. As if it weren’t enough for America to be experiencing a global pandemic with over 100,000 lives being lost; the entire world has been turned upside down over the social injustices haunting society for years.

Enzo Weinberg added author to his resume after dropping his audio book “Blame Ourselves” on SoundCloud. It is produced by the Enzo Weinberg Foundation which was created to be the source of spreading inspiration and good deeds. Editor Kim Martinez described the audio book as “a small glimpse of his world that is filled with all the hustle-bustle of suppressed souls.” One month ago Weinberg dropped an additional jewel on SoundCloud, a narrative title “Flouting Thought”.

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According to a recent interview in The Magazine Plus “Enzo Weinberg likes to call himself an expert evangelist who never gets tired to bring the trapped souls in the dark side, into the light of wisdom through his preaching and vocal lessons.” He started the journey of preaching light into society due to his personal backdrop of oppression. He has seen struggle and success as the different parts of the same coin.

Recently, after participating in T.O.R.I. (Bishop T.D.Jakes prison ministry established in 1997 through his Dallas-area church) Weinberg awakened his former inner desire to spread positive messages through music. Enzo Weinberg has worked with some of the most amazing influencers and celebrities. His most fondest memories were working with Evander Holyfield and good friend, the late artist Mr. Solo from The Gospel Gangstaz. To find out more information on the life and upcoming events of Enzo Weinberg follow him on social media Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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