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How to get rid of visceral fat: A major change to your life could help burn the belly fat

Visceral fat is also known as belly fat and can be extremely harmful in large quantities as it raises your chances of developing a number of serious health conditions. If a person lives a stressful life, they may be increasing their risk of not only belly fat but other major health incidences.

In a study published in Springer Link, stress and obesity was investigated.

The study noted: “Stress has long been suspected to be interrelated to (abdominal) obesity.

“Increased long-term cortisol levels, as measured in scalp hair, are strongly related to abdominal obesity and to specific mental disorders.

“Stress may play a major role in the development and maintenance of obesity in individuals who have an increased glucocorticoid exposure or sensitivity.

“These insights may lead to more effective and individualized obesity treatment strategies.” 

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