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How to live longer – the simple exercise you should do everyday to avoid an early death

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a well-rounded diet is crucial to prolonging your lifespan.

You could also boost your lifespan by doing regular exercise. It’s the “miracle cure” we’ve all been waiting for, according to the NHS.

Making some small diet or lifestyle changes could help to increase your life expectancy and avoid an early death.

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your overall health, and to boost your longevity, is to walk fast every day, it’s been claimed.

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“I have found exercise to be a powerful performance-enhancer on a daily basis, and now I know how to exercise to increase healthy lifespan,” he wrote on his blog.

“Walk fast for an hour every day – this doesn’t need to happen all at once.

“For example, if the train station is a 15-minute walk away from your house, and you do that each way, that’s 30 minutes right there. Then you could pick a coffee shop that is a 15-minute walk away from your office, and make a daily visit.

“On the weekend, walk everywhere, even faraway places — do your best to leave your car in the garage or driveway all weekend long.”

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But, if you don’t have the capacity to do a full hour of exercise every day, there are alternatives.

Just 15 minutes of exercise each day could provide you with some benefits.

For every extra 15 minutes of daily activity you do each day, your risk of premature death is lowered by around four percent, scientists have claimed.

It’ll also add around three extra years to your life expectancy.

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