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How to lose visceral fat: A food group proven to burn belly fat and increase metabolism

Visceral fat is commonly known as belly fat. It’s difficult to judge how much visceral fat a person may have as it’s hidden inside the abdominal cavity and wrapped around internal organs. Its for this reason,the fat is so dangerous as it’s situated right by the liver, pancreas and intestines. Having a protruding belly and large waist are two signs that you may have too much visceral fat and are at risk of serious health complications. Fear not, by increasing your physical activity and following a healthy diet, visceral fat will be lost and eating more of this fat-burning food will give you the added advantage.

Spicy chilli peppers contain capsaicin, a compound known to increase satiety and decrease caloric consumption.

Spicy peppers also help to encourage fat burning and boost metabolism.

As if that is not enough, spicy chills and jalapeños have been proven to reduce appetite and calorie intake.

Researchers have found that the heat generated by peppers can actually increase a person’s consumption of calories and “oxidase” layers of fat.

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What the studies say

In a study with BMC Public health, spicy food consumption and its effect on fat loss was analysed.

The study noted: “Previous studies have shown a beneficial effect of spicy food consumption on weight management in intervention studies.

“Moreover, a Korean study showed that a 12 weeks’ introduction of spicy sauce to daily diet resulted in visceral fat loss and better lipid profiles, but without weight change.”

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The heat that comes off from chills and jalapeños deters animals from eating them, but humans have come to like them and they have been a staple of many diets around the world for thousands of years.

Scientists now believe they should be part of a healthy diet and could help one to lose their visceral fat.

Researchers at the University of California recruited 34 men and women who were willing to consume a very low-calorie liquid meal replacement product for 28 days.

The researchers, led by Dr David Heber, then randomly chose the subjects to take either placebo pills or supplements containing the non-burning DCT pepper.

Their data provided convincing evidence that, at least for several hours after the test meal was consumed, energy expenditure was significantly increased in the group consuming the highest amount of DCT.

In fact, it was almost double that of the placebo group. They were also able to show that DCT significantly increased fat oxidation, pushing the body to use more fat as fuel.

This may help people lose weight when they consume a low-calorie diet by increasing metabolism.

Dr Heber and his research team will present their results at the Experimental Biology annual conference.

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