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How to run your car more cheaply: 5 ways to slash the cost of car ownership

Don’t regularly maintain your car

Missing regular vehicle maintenance checks may look like a simple way to save money but can lead to devastating risks.

Maintenance checks can help you identify any simple glitches with the vehicle which can be ironed out before they get worse.

Meanwhile, fluids such as oil must be replaced regularly to reduce the risk of wear on the engine.

Driving with underinflated or dangerous tyres could see motorists hit with a £2,500 fine per tyre by the police.

Don’t stack your car with things

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Which? warns that keeping spare items in the back of your car can add weight which can impact your fuel economy.

They warn that this will likely have a small impact on the amount of fuel your car uses but costs can add up over time.

They advise road users should avoid packing too many heavy items in favour of essentials when setting off on long journeys.

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