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How to sleep better: Expert debunks the biggest myths regarding a good night’s sleep

Cut the clutter

When it comes to your bedroom, Dr Mosley said: “Your bedroom is for sleep and for sex – nothing else.

“If you have a TV in your bedroom, get rid of it.

“And don’t take your mobile to bed or you’ll be tempted to use it.

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“It’s not an issue of the blue light keeping you up, it’s that you excite your brain, so avoid these activities in the hour leading up to bedtime.”

Be vigilant of the foods you eat

“I did an experiment on myself that showed two nights of sleep deprivation alters my hunger hormones, leaving me ravenous, as well as causing an escalation of stress hormone, cortisol,” said Dr Mosley.

“As a result, my blood-sugar levels soar into the diabetic range.


“Over-the counter supplements don’t really help with your sleep long term,” added Dr Mosley.

“Some small studies show magnesium could help elderly people sleep faster, but you’d be better off eating magnesium-rich foods like avocadoes, leafy greens and nuts.

“Valerian, sometimes taken as a tea, has no long-term studies to back its use and there’s limited evidence for essential oils like lavender, but if it makes you focus on the lovely scent rather than your worries, go for it.”

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