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How to use shockwave grenades like a meta master

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Shockwave grenades have quickly become the hottest utility item in Fortnite Season 4. Here’s a few ways to take full advantage of these Epic items

Raise your hand if someone has ever exploited into your box. Your hand is probably up right now. After all – if you’ve found yourself severely outclassed in a Fortnite game, the opponent likely wants to finish the fight as soon as possible

The past few seasons have introduced a plethora of inventory and trap items you can pair together for pro level outplays. Let’s break down some insightful tips and tricks revolving the Shockwave that you can start using today

Professional use case

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A Reddit contributor posted a meme tutorial in light of the META shifting towards rotational exploitations. The video depicts pro players using shockwaves to surprise opponents in a really fresh way

a video about shockwave phasing from r/FortniteCompetitive

Later in the video, u/Imnoctowl points out the most common way to use Shockwaves to exploit into opponent structures: the three tile approach

The three tile approach is a strategy that involves you standing exactly three tiles adjacent to your opponent’s 1-by-1 (on the same vertical level). Place a wall parallel to your opponent’s box and stand against the wall

Once you’re done setting up, toss a shockwave at the wall. The force will push you exactly three tiles forward – or right behind your opponent in his or her box. You’ll have the first shot 9 times out of 10 and can easily rack up eliminations

Rotational strategy

Season three was the “crash pad” meta. Angling your crash pads perfectly in lieu of a launch pad that would still get you sprayed out of the sky half the time. With Shockwaves being in the loot pool once more, the rotational options are plentiful

While we discussed the powerful force you can achieve with just one Shockwave, pairing it with a Bouncer is your key to a clean rotation. Here’s what I mean:

Take a peek at that 2 minute quickie tutorial on how the bouncer stacks momentum with your Shockwave. Your exit velocity is completely dependant on the position of the Bouncer and Shockwave

With shockwaves and bouncers back in the game, here’s a reminder on how to rotate super far! from r/FortniteCompetitive

For beginners, the easiest combo to grasp is an iteration where you put a vertical bouncer with a cone in your box. Continually run into the bouncer wall until you place your shockwave – and there ‘ya go

In my opinion, a Shockwave grenade is the most useful utility item hands down. Don’t get caught behind the curve; learn how to actively use impactful utility

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