Huawei just revealed monumental news and it could all be down to the P30 Pro

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Huawei just revealed monumental news and it could all be down to the P30 Pro 1

It doesn’t seem like turbulent relations with the US are hurting Huawei one bit…

The Chinese tech powerhouse has announced it’s shipped 200 million smartphones this year, a new personal best. Last year Huawei similarly shipped over 200 million handsets, but it took 64 days longer to do so.

That’s a gargantuan figure, helped by the release of innovative flagships like the P30 Pro.

In fact, we already know the P30 series contributed over 16.5 million units to the latest figure. That’s very close to being 10 percent of Huawei’s 2019 smartphone shipments.

Announcing the update in a tweet, Huawei said: “We’ve just exceeded 200 million shipments in 2019, 64 days earlier than in our previous year!

“Our thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone for your support – as we keep striving to improve technology for all.”

But of course, Huawei has done much more than release the P30 series this year. It’s also introduced a number of budget and mid-tier devices that seem to be sitting well with Android fans.

And of course, there’s the Mate 30 Pro that – while yet to debut in European markets – has already been picked up by over a million customers in China eager to get their hands on its curvaceous display and quad-camera system.

Huawei’s newest shipment update is quite phenomenal, particularly because of its current relationship with the US.

In case you weren’t aware, Huawei currently sits on a US trade blacklist that effectively prevents domestic companies from dealing with it.

This means Google, headquartered in California, is unable to grant Huawei an Android licence for any new devices it releases. That’s why the firm’s shiny new Mate 30 Pro doesn’t come with any Google apps or services pre-installed.

That’s not to say Huawei will always be hamstrung in markets outside China though. Earlier this month The New York Times reported the Trump administration gave approval for the US Commerce Department to start approving licences to Huawei.

Although nothing has been confirmed since, this could theoretically allow Google to deal with Huawei again in some capacity.

The purported move from the president was said to “help smooth the path to a trade deal” between the US and China. Both nations have been at loggerheads over trade for well over a year now.

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