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Huawei's new P40 Pro offer gives P30 Pro owners a tough choice to make

Well, not quite. There’s a reason why P30 Pro users still need to cautious before ditching their phones in favour of this shiny new device.

The P30 Pro was one of the very last phones to launch before Huawei’s US Google ban came into full force. That means this 2019 phone still has full access to all of Google’s services and the same can’t be said for the P40. So, if you purchase this new 2020 handset you’ll find a device that has no access to Gmail, no Google Maps, no Google Photos, and most importantly no Google Play Store – which means you’ll struggle to download the likes of Netflix, Facebook, WhatsApp, and on, and on.

As much as Huawei tries to convince users that this isn’t a problem, there’s no doubt that not having these services on the phone makes it a lot less attractive and even the most hardcore Huawei users are likely to be put off buying one.

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