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Huge crowds gather around Virgin Mary statue after boy sees it 'weeping blood'

A Virgin Mary statue has been filmed appearing to be weep tears of blood as curious locals flocked to take pictures of it.

The bizarre scene was spotted by a boy riding on his bike past the Paolino Arnesano Square in Carmiano, the southern Italian province of Lecce on Monday, August 3.

Footage taken by one of the residents shows a stream of “blood tears” appearing to fall from the right eye on to the cheek of the religious statue.

Dozens of people are seen standing at the base of the statue and taking photos and videos of it as they murmur.

Local residents flocked to the statue to witness the bizarre phenomenon of a “weeping” Virgin Mary

The statue was reportedly erected 76 years ago on September 3, 1943.

Riccardo Calabrese, priest of the Sant’Antonio Abate Church, said on Facebook that it is unclear if the incident was “a miracle, the result of the hot weather at the moment, or worst of all, someone’s idea of a joke”.

He added: “All the time I was next to the statue, I saw a procession of people who, out of curiosity or faith, left their homes to gather there.

“I saw children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people meeting at our beloved Virgin Mary statue, and they all looked up at her face.”

A stream of "blood tears" appeared on the right cheek of the statue
A stream of “blood tears” appeared on the right cheek of the statue

Journalist Andrea Tafuro said the incident happened during a hot weather day which the temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.

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Local newspaper Repubblica said that the Bishop of Lecce, Michele Ceccia, announced that the church will investigate the incident.

Similar incidents happened in two years ago in Argentina where locals in San Jose de Metan town saw a gold-painted plaster Virgin Mary statue “crying in blood” with the red liquid running down both its cheeks.

Source Daily Star – Weird News

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