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Huge leech pulled from young boy's throat after it lived there for over a year


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A young boy has had a blood-sucking leech removed from his windpipe after suffering a sore throat for over a year.

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The five-year-old, from Lincang city in southern China, had been complaining of a chronic sore throat, shortness of breath and loud snoring at night.

Upon his latest medical appointment at a local hospital, a doctor found a foreign body stuck in the boy’s trachea.

Footage obtained from inside the operation theatre shows the doctor and the medical staff inserting a device in the boy’s throat before they pull out a 2.8-inch-long leech.

The living parasite curls up along the prongs as soon as it is removed from the boy’s body.

The doctor inserted a tube through the boy’s mouth to locate the leech

The attending doctor suggested that the leech may have entered the boy’s windpipe by drinking untreated water and reminded children to never drink dirty water.

According to local media, it is rare for leeches to live in the human body for so long, but another large leech was found inside a four-year-boy in the same region last year.

The World Health Organisation estimated that around 80% of human diseases such as hepatitis A, polio and cholera, are caused by drinking dirty water.

The 2.8-inch-long leech has been living inside the boy's trachea for over a year
The 2.8-inch-long leech has been living inside the boy’s trachea for over a year

In most areas of China, residents are recommended to boil water before consuming it.

In April, a nine-year-old boy from China had a two-inch-long leech removed from his nose after drinking water from a suspected contaminated source in a rural area.

The doctor explained that the parasite had strong suckers that can attach itself onto a moist surface and feed on blood.

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