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Hundreds of fish jump out of water and gasp for air – sparking earthquake fears

Park-goers were stunned when they saw hundreds of fish suddenly leaping out of water at a lake in east China.

The unusual scene was caught on camera when the school of fish started frantically breaching and desperately gasping for air.

The video was taken at the Xuanwu Lake inside a scenic park in the city of Nanjing, eastern China’s Jiangsu province on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the park said there had been fish jumping out of water in small groups but it is the first time they have encountered hundreds do it.

They explained that oxygen is generally low during wet season as local weather forecast recorded weeks of heavy rainfall in the region.

Hundreds of fish were seen gasping for air at the water surface in a lake in east China

“The oxygen level is higher near the valve, hence the area is packed with fish fighting for oxygen.

“Also this is the peak season when the fish lay eggs, and they tend to hatch eggs at places with a high water current flow.”

In the past few days, there have been reports of similar behaviour where schools of fish caught jumping out of water in several different cities across China.

Residents in southwestern China’s Yunnan province have spotted a school of fish leaping out of surface in a river.

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The rare phenomenon sparked circulations that it could be a warning sign to earthquake.

One viewer asked: “This looks a bit scary. Is it a prelude to earthquake?”

Another one said: “This phenomenon is usually connected to natural disasters…”

“Oh poor fish, they are dying in the water,” a third added.

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