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Hyper Scape open beta hits Uplay – PS4 and Xbox One release date news latest

Ubisoft had a lot of news to share with gamers this week, including for fans on PS4, Xbox One and the Uplay platform. One of the big surprises was the announcement of the Hyper Scape Open Beta launching today on PC. The only downside is that the PS4 and Xbox One release is coming later this year. As announced today by the Battle Royale shooter’s development team, the Hyper Scape open beta has now started on Uplay. This is the only platform gamers can experience the new game, although a console release is also being planned for 2020. While no set date has been confirmed, Hyper Scape looks set to become playable on PS4 and Xbox One sometime in August.


Players heading to the official Hyper Scape website will notice that the page sharing news on the new open beta currently only has PC listed.

However, there is plenty of room for other platforms to be added in the future, which is great news for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

The process of finding the new Hyper Scape Open Beta on PC should be easy and will include downloading Uplay and selecting Hyper Scape from the menu.

You will also need to visit the official Hyper Scape website, which allows you to add the game to your library.

Gamers hoping to join in on the new Hype Scape test will need to download Uplay, which weighs in at around 100MB.

You will also need to make sure you have an account, and if you don’t, this will mean filling up a sign up form and including an email address.

Hyper Scape will require around 8.6GB of room on your PC and may require more when new updates are released.

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More information regarding today’s Hyper Scape Open Beta release can be found below:

“We know some were not able to participate, the doors to the Hub are now open to PC players in even more countries! And with new players, comes new features for even more action-packed gameplay.”


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